Why me?

My time is valuable and so is yours.

I only work with people who are committed to growing their businesses and customers through real, targeted, creative marketing.

Work with me if you want someone who is straight talking, with no nonsense and no jargon. Who can’t help but tell you how it is. (I take my craft very seriously, myself less so.

I work best with:

Companies that invest at least 5k€/monthly for marketing efforts. (Remember: Consultants improve the growth trajectory AFTER your business model is found.)

..that have following challenges:

  • They own established business looking to structure business for scale.
  • Their leadership wants to take a step further in sales results.
  • They can’t seem to break through the plateau they’ve reached.

(p.s. Beware. A lot of small and medium businesses hire consultants because they are looking for miracles. I hate to break it to you, but no consultant is going to take a business that is doing very little in revenue and quickly turn it around.)

Why am I your marketing consultant?

(You really need to find these 3 attributes in marketing consultant when hiring.)

1. You are my focus.

  • You have direct access to me (email, Slack, phone), a marketing expert with 10+ years of experience.

  • You’re my top priority because I work with fewer clients at once. (Usually I have really ONE client at a time!)

  • Because of that I care more and work harder. I provide a level of attention to detail that others don’t. I make decisions quicker and are more flexible to your schedule.

2. I am a great listener.

  • I don’t just nod.

  • I am a great listener and can see opportunities for improvement that go beyond my area of expertise.

3. My word is my bond.

  • Either I am confident that I will get you from A to B and solve the marketing problems you are facing or I won’t make you my client.