so you want to know a little about me personally?

Hey, I'm Tilen.

i am marketing consultant. what is your superpower?

I make your marketing problems go away.

I’m Tilen Mandelj,marketing consultant (for hire), and if you ever asked yourself:

  • “How can we build a successful marketing strategy that is tailored to our business goals and target audience?” (You want to set well-defined goals.)
  • “How can we optimize our sales funnel?” (You want to improve relations and loyalty with existing clients.)
  • “How can we determine our highest payoff work and our most pressing objectives based on where we want to be in a year?” (You want a solid strategic marketing plan with both short- and long-term goals.)
  • “How can we improve our conversion rate?” (You want to improve lead to sale conversion ratios.)
  • “How can we convince people to listen to us?” (You want to expand into new markets and attract new customers.)

Or if you’ve ever just needed someone else to do something (whether it’s talk about you, buy from you, refer people to you)…

…You’re in the RIGHT place!

but that was not always the case...

My career started, when I learned the ins and outs of ecommerce store with maternity clothing that my better-half started several years ago. A lot of money was spent, and we won some and lost some marketing battles.

So how did I do it? A lot of hard work, testing (trial and error), and years worth of persistence. I taught myself everything I needed to know to run a business, trialling many different approaches to find the best ways to make a website thrive.

Although I had no formal education in marketing, I found that it came very naturally to me.

I was good at it. I still am. 🙂

But still there was something missing for me. So I walked away from that ecommerce business and started over for myself. I co-build a boutique digital agency just for the kicks of it. In 2 years we did several projects and learned a lot. Having seen both sides of the agency/client relationship and worked with budgets from a shoestring on, I’m well placed to help people get the most from every cent they have.In summer of 2017 (there were 3 founders) we decided it was time to do our individual projects.

So, when I started over in August of 2017, I decided that I was going to go after something I was really passionate about.

I became a consultant after a 7-year marketing career, which is typical. The whole point is that you’re able to be an objective expert that a company brings in to address a specific issue.

And, that’s what I now do. I help growing businesses to make their marketing pay.

There are many types of marketing consultants – strategic thinkers, day-to-day project managers, general doers, or specialists and there are some blurred lines between these types. I consider myself mostly strategic thinker although I wear different suits when needed.

It takes a lot of listening, to really understand a company and what they’re trying to achieve. My particular skill is to bring together the experience I have, and the knowledge I’ve accrued, to work out what the company needs to do to develop a digital marketing operation that delivers results. This ranges from working out how to present their products, to getting the right marketing tools in place, to configuring a set of marketing activities to get their name out there.

eat. sleep. marketing. repeat.

My family and some tidbits about me

My family is everything. Here is the rare picture of most of us together.

And since you are already here, it would be rude not to let you know some dirty secrets about me:

  • My better half picked the name for our first born (Gabriel). I picked the name for the younger one (Lev).
  • Even since before marketing I helped people find the right information. How come? My profession is librarian.
  • I wrote 2 books, some peer reviewed articles and over 300 poems and 400 blog posts.
  • I go through 100+ articles per day and read at least 15 of those thoroughly.
  • Avid biker. Sold my Honda when Gabriel was born though. Still in a process of buying a new bike…
  • Once upon a time I had 62 cm long hair.
  • My left leg is about 3.5 cm shorter than the right one.

“MARKETING IS TOO IMPORTANT TO BE LEFT TO THE MARKETING DEPARTMENT.” ~ by me (…nah, just kidding, David Packard said that.)

MY GUIDING PRINCIPLES (a.k.a. my personal buzzwords)

Family is everything.

Either you fail or you learn.

99% of the things don’t matter.

Ideas don’t matter. Execution does.

It’s about the speed.

Find your place.

Money is oxygen.

Focus and reduct that noise.

Know yourself.

Take responsibility.

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