3 things about today (3.10.2017)

  1. I am creature of habits. Most of the things in my life are habits. The way I dress, the food I eat. One of the biggest reasons for that is simplifying life and decluttering the brain (what to wear, what to eat). And so…I am very upset when the local bakery doesn’t have my pastry when I want it in the morning.
  2. Hustle = show up + follow up + follow through ~ Steli Efti

  3. 10 years ago, you could come up with a shi**y product, invest a few thousand € in TV ads saying that your product was the best ever (and clinically tested and stuff…./sarcasm off), and sell 30,000 units of it. But not anymore. People are immune to crappy marketing. They see through you. So if you want your company to survive, start doing the right stuff. The right marketing. (My marketing.)

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